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Survey, Testing & Troubleshooting

RDR Cathodic Protection Survey, Testing and Troubleshooting Services

Cathodic Protection Survey Testing & Troubleshooting

RDR Utility Services Group’s Cathodic Protection Division offers numerous services, including survey, testing and troubleshooting. If you are located anywhere from the eastern seaboard to the mid-west, RDR is the company you can trust for all your corrosion protection needs.


If you are looking for corrosion control testing, RDR is the answer. At RDR we know that accurate and timely survey and test results are crucial to operation of your asset integrity strategy. That is why the professionals at RDR strive to deliver top-level product as quickly as possible by utilizing the most advanced tool and software on the market today.


Don’t hesitate to contact RDR for all your survey, testing and troubleshooting needs!